Dreams, how do we define “dreams”?

We can interpret dreams in different ways: it can be someone’s ambitions or aspirations, it can also be an ideal situation in life, or a series of events in our head as we sleep.

But the bigger question is, “How do you turn your dreams into reality? How do you achieve that goal?”.

From a cliche perspective, the answer will always be through hard work, patience, and perseverance, but in reality, it takes more than that to achieve our elusive dreams.

We’ve all been in that situation, haven’t we? Thoughts that run like wildfire…

I have been obsessed lately with finding ways to lose weight fast, so I searched for foods that will help me lose weight — delicious, yet effortless to prepare.

Luckily I found lots of helpful articles online, and voila, I started incorporating them into my diet; peanut butter, green tea, and berries to name a few - and by berries, I mean all times of berries that are accessible and affordable.
So I started with the classics — strawberries and blueberries. They’re both okay, and I enjoyed eating them for breakfast and lunch. …

Photo from Canva

2020 had been a crazy, unpredictable year for everyone. Looking past all the unfortunate things the pandemic had brought us, this year had also given us time to contemplate about life and focus on developing ourselves.

Probably one of the most unanticipated yet well-celebrated surprises of this year was Taylor Swift dropping two studio albums — both well received by fans and critics.

Compared to Taylor’s previous albums — Folklore, and Evermore offered a new genre and different storytelling. …

I used the photo above because I believe that for us to find happiness — we need to keep ourselves grounded and not to step into anyone in the process of chasing our dreams.

Whenever I reflect on how my life had been, I always find myself confronted by the question, “Are you happy?”.

Presumably, my answer should be yes, for I have tons of reasons to be happy. There are lots of reasons for me to be — I have a decent and stable job, live comfortably far from home, and have a safe, healthy, and supportive family.


Good afternoon folks! Since I started my day with a can of coffee and some grocery store bought muffins (which is btw, very cheap but delicious), it’s time to face the sun and the sand and get some writing done.

For those who know me very well, I’m not the type who talks about me very often, but today I might make an exception! Kidding aside.

Image and Title courtesy of www.ThePaperPilot.Com

“Maneuvering life towards your dream destination.”

Every time I go for interviews, they would always ask me, “You graduated from an aeronautic school, why don’t you pursue an airline related jobs?”

Looking at my resume you would be amazed on how bizarre things are; how my educational background and previous jobs doesn’t correlate with each other. So to give you a brief preview of how I come up with such decisions, let me tell you my story.

As children, we often have that dream job that we want to achieve when we grow up…

I never knew that a feeling as intense as this is all I need to stand up and start working on the person I could have been 3 years ago.

“For those who tread lightly, who need some enlightenment
The world is what you make of it
You fill it up and break it 'til
The pieces inside you
The pieces inside you 
Help you find your way back home”

-Rock Mafia

Edward Angeles Agnasan

Francis Edward by birth, but Francis is too saintly, and Edward fits my purpose of ”Doing great things” better. Just my opinion :) Curious and creative.

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